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Avalon Stone: Igniting the Stage with Grunge-Infused Alt-Rock Magic

Avalon Stone lays in a field looking contemplative, deep and happy.

Bursting at the seams with raw creative energy, Avalon Stone draws from her rock roots (Alice In Chains, Black Sabbath, Smashing Pumpkins, The Cranberries) while adding a heavy and more modern flair (Pretty Reckless, Bad Omens). In an era where the echo of grunge still reverberates and the allure of alt-rock captivates hearts, Avalon Stone emerges, embracing her past while carving a new musical destiny.


Soft edgy lyrics filled with relatable secrets grow into raw, power- filled alt-rock anthems with massive vocal range, white-hot grungy riffs, and soulful solos. "I delve into the dark recesses of the mind in search of understanding and connection," Stone shares about her lyrical approach, crafting verses like "Drowning in a place void of water..."; "Your words are bullets and tears are mine…" Her music speaks a language understood by every listener's heart and soul.


Her story is a testament to the profound influence and healing power of music. Hailing from Kitchener, an hour southwest of Toronto, she took her initial steps onto the stage at a tender age of 10. Since then, she's graced over 300 stages, captivating audiences at festivals and venues across Ontario and the United States, from intimate bars to colossal festival stages boasting 15,000+ fans. With nearly a decade of performance experience under her belt, her audience is entranced by the fusion of youthful authenticity and the energy that comes from years of igniting stages with passionate performances. "There's nothing quite like the connection forged with my fans and fellow bandmates on that stage," Stone reflects.


Armed with an arsenal of songs that share her profound insights into the human experience and a trusty sword honoring her legendary namesake, Avalon Stone launches her solo career with unwavering determination. After sharing the stage in the summer of 2023 with iconic acts like Big Wreck, Harm&Ease, Sass Jordan, and Kim Mitchell, she's now in the studio, partnering with producer Kevin Dietz (known for his work with Glorious Sons, JJ Wilde, and Billy Talent). Avalon Stone invites you to embark on a transformative journey that blurs the lines between genres, generations, and emotions as she unveils her debut Album 'Chained,' starting with the single 'Forget You' releasing on Friday, October 13th.

"Onstage this young performer is a dynamo in the making, wowing audiences, belting out rock and blues like a performer far beyond her years.... a voice that turns the heads of fans with deep knowledge of the music and its performers."  

-  The Record -

"I saw you for the first time last night and you honestly rocked my world! Your talent is indescribably. It was one of the best live performance experiences of my life!"

-  Fan email -

"Wow, amazing!!!  You rock. Really pro stuff all the way around.  Simply wow."

-  Bob Egan (Blue Rodeo) -



Highlight Reel - Avalon Stone Preview Show
Avalon Stone alt rock musician


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Summer of 2023


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