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Bursting at the seams with raw creative energy, Avalon Stone maintains her classic rock roots (Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin) while adding a heavy and more modern flair (Pretty Reckless, Badflower). 


Soft edgy lyrics filled with relatable secrets grow into raw, power- filled rock anthems with massive vocal range, white-hot grungy riffs, and soulful solos. “I like to explore the dark parts of the mind in search of understanding and connection,” says Stone about her approach to writing lyrics. “Drowning in a place void of water...”; “I feel it burn...”


Based in Kitchener (an hour Southwest of Toronto), Stone’s performance draws out hidden emotions and new energy, often leaving audiences with emotional release and a deeper understanding of the human experience. “I believe there’s nothing like the feeling of being on stage and connecting with my fans and bandmates," explains Stone. This passion is contagious and reflects in her live performance as she takes the stage by storm.


Performing professionally on stage since she was 10, Stone has played over 200 shows at festivals and venues all over Ontario, and in some parts of the US - Anywhere from small bars to festival stages for 15K+ people. Now almost a decade later, Stone has found her own sound and is ready for everyone to hear it.

"Onstage this young performer is a dynamo in the making, wowing audiences, belting out rock and blues like a performer far beyond her years.... a voice that turns the heads of fans with deep knowledge of the music and its performers."  

-  The Record -

"I saw you for the first time last night and you honestly rocked my world! Your talent is indescribably. It was one of the best live performance experiences of my life!"

-  Fan email -

"Wow, amazing!!!  You rock. Really pro stuff all the way around.  Simply wow."

-  Bob Egan (Blue Rodeo) -



Highlight Reel - Avalon Stone Preview Show
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Summer of 2023


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